Ten Rules for Writing Fiction

I’m trying to decide what to blog about today, and I have two choices:

1) The road rage incident I witnessed in front of my children’s elementary school, OR

2) An excellent article on writing fiction, discovered by my friend and fellow writer, Jill Schacter.  The article, called Ten Rules for Writing Fiction, is far more than just 10 Rules…it’s a huge collection of writers’ opinions about what works, what doesn’t, and more importantly, WHY.

I’ll choose to write about #2 because it’s the more positive* topic to write about today.  Check out the link above; it’s guaranteed to give you some solid rules to guide your writing.

Sure, you may not agree with all the rules all the time. And really, who loves rules?  But think of these rules more as helpful bits of advice from trusted writing friends, whispered in your ear.  Even though I’ve been writing for just a couple of years, even I can see how imperative these “rules” are.

Finally, check out Jill Schacter’s blog, The Heartbreak Diary.  Despite its title, it’s uplifting in its perspective.

*And staying positive, as Jill Schacter chooses to do, is what it’s all about.


One response to “Ten Rules for Writing Fiction

  1. Though I’m not familiar with AL Kennedy’s work, I think her rules may be the most important/hardest to follow. Neil Gaiman’s first rule is my first rule: “Write.” For me, the second may be “Read.” Time to pick up some AL Kennedy. Next rule for me would be about cutting (in revisions). My writing instructor compares using too many words to spreading a blob of paint too thin – the vivid is lost. Creative directors in advertising put it this way: “You gotta kill your babies.” I prefer the first metaphor.

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