And so it begins…

I swear I’ve got to collapse at some point.  It’s almost 3am (again) and I’ve just finished up my 2nd post for today’s submissions.

It’s not really that the writing’s hard.  Seriously.  What takes time is:

–my hyper editing

–teaching this old dog new tricks, like how to upload a video onto YouTube so I can then download it onto the site.

Still, “why are you up till 3am?”  Oh, well, you know, because before this new gig came along, I’d done my typical over-extension with commitments and signed on to lead a Girl Scout troop, run a once a month book club, and create a new Leadership Club for students in 2nd – 5th grade.  I’d been getting the biggest thrill out of each of those tasks, and then the blogging job came along.

I’m juggling and trying to keep all the plates spinning (have I used that analogy before?  Forgive me…I’m too tired to look back and see).  It’s working out so far.  Sleep’s been a challenge, but now is the real test.  Nate was just diagnosed with strep throat (and I just KNEW he had it when I brought him in for it, but the doctor insisted that NO he didn’t have a fever and NO he didn’t have a red throat and NO the rapid strep test didn’t come back positive so NO he didn’t have to go on antibiotics and NO he didn’t have to stay home from school).

“But he’s had a low grade fever and a stomach ache and he’s irritable and his throat sounds…funny,” I said.

“Well, these things are often indications of a virus,” she said.  She’s truly a nice pediatrician and I really wanted to believe he was well enough to go back to school.  I had stuff to do so I wouldn’t be up until 3am again.

“He’s not presenting with any of the classic symptoms of strep, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.  Just give him an extra pillow at night and that should do the trick.”

An extra pillow, lady?

After that $25 co-pay and the prescription for more polyester fill under his head, I was happy to send him back to school.  He even seemed perky the next morning…just as his sister started looking glassy-eyed and weepy.

She stayed home today, feeling (as my Nana used to say), “punky.”  After school, Nate was as irritable and emotional as I’d seen him in a looooong time.  Before I could even redirect his emotions, the phone rang.  Doctor’s office.

“Yep.  It’s strep.”

Told you told you told you told you told you told you told you told you told you told you told you told you told you told you told you told you told you told you.

I want my $25 co-pay back.  More than anything, I want to take that extra pillow Nate used last night and put it under my own head.  I’m taking Maggie (and now Henry, who’s feeling emotional and hot/cold) for strep tests tomorrow morning.  Cold and flu season is touching down in the Wolf household, and it’s only September.

In the words of Capt. Sully Sullenberger, just before his plane crash landed in the Hudson River, “Brace for impact.”


4 responses to “And so it begins…

  1. Well said! Please grab a cat nap!

  2. Dr. Mom always knows best! Always!

    You all take care now. Just holler if you need anything.

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