Lady and the Tramp

My 13-year-old son announced this morning that he’s having lunch with a girl.

It’s a half day of school, so they’ll be walking to the local Noodles & Company for a bite to eat.

He’s never had an official “date” before — at least, not that I’ve known about.  He politely asked for some money, and I handed him $25, knowing that was plenty.

“Hmmm,” he said nervously.  “Do you think this is enough?”

Do I think it’s enough?  What else are you thinking about getting? Suddenly I had a vision of them finishing lunch, walking to 7-11 and getting Slurpees.  The guy at the 7-11 counter has an open copy of some trashy magazine, and the back wall is filled with rows and rows of cigarettes and …STOP!  Do NOT go there…lalalalalalalalalalalalalala.

I’ll just keep this Disney-ish vision in my head of their lunch and hope I get lots and lots of change back.


2 responses to “Lady and the Tramp

  1. His first date- how cute! And I can’t imagine how pleased he must be that you wrote about it!

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