Journalistic Terms For Newbies

I’d asked my editor at what the term dek meant.  It’s utilized on the computer server which I use to upload my twice daily blogs about Evanston.

I loved her response, which was something akin to total surprise.  I think she said, “That’s a great question.  I’ve never really been asked that one.”  I love feeling like I’m not completely ignorant.

I went searching today for the meaning of dek.  It loosely translates to mean sub-heading, but there’s some question about how the letters d-e-k were chosen to indicate this.  It’s thought the term came from the term “deck”.

I just found a great blog post about journalistic terms:  click here.


One response to “Journalistic Terms For Newbies

  1. Great insight! Lots of idiosyncratic terms of art in every field. When I worked at WTTW, Chicago Tonight was always referred to as C2N.

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