And I’m “Trying Out” Being a Vegan Because…

…I’m insane.

There’s enough going on in the world right now.

Laundry.  Arizona shootings.  A new teenager in the house.  Planning a 20th wedding anniversary trip.  A big old wad of wax stuck in my ear.  Editing my manuscript to present it to overworked editors and agents in NYC at the end of January with the dreams of a book contract.  Prayers for more subscribers to my blog and more readers on

But hey, let’s throw in a 21-day-kickstart of all-vegan eating, just to feel TRULY alive.

Hold on, I’ll be right back.  Just need to pop another iron supplement so I can lift my hands to type.

That’s better.

Where was I?  Oh yes.  Avoiding any foods with faces.  Right.  Yum.  Crunch.  Slurp.  Fart.  Fart again.

I’m sorry, who are you?

Did you say we know each other?  You’re whose cousin?  Oh, sorry.  Yes, I was blogging about trying the vegan thing.

It’s not going very well…as clearly demonstrated by the sundry items I salivated over recently while on a trip to Austin, TX.

I sniff them whenever I get a hankering for hot dogs and BLTs.  It’s not the same, but every little thing helps.


6 responses to “And I’m “Trying Out” Being a Vegan Because…

  1. You’re a brave girl, Christine. Where the heck did you find Bacon Soap and bubble gum wieners!

  2. You’re nuts.

  3. Melissa Shanker

    I think I just leaked a little from laughing so hard at your most recent blog about “going vegan.” I too, have been “flesh-free” for almost 6 months now. So I guess the aforementioned leaking could have been due to my 7th bowl of chili in four days…but either way, that is some funny stuff. And you are a very funny writer. Can’t wait to share some laughs (and maybe a few licks of a New York Strip steak) at the upcoming conference.

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