Teaching Writers How To Blog

My friends Sally, Francie and Lisa are interested in starting blogs.  I plan on putting up some easy-to-follow instructions for anyone interested in starting one of their own.  Would you like to read about that?

We are sitting in Wilmette, Illinois.


4 responses to “Teaching Writers How To Blog

  1. Yes, your project sounds interesting and worthwhile, and I would like to see what you come up with, along with expanding my knowledge in an area that I really don’t know much about. Should be valuable information for any writer. Thanks!

  2. Fur shure…ya goota do it…. Lisa and I came away inspired, motivated and relieved. Doing a blog “Christine’s Way” seems almost fun. We’re not the only ones who need your sage advice.

  3. wow. I have been reading your posts since I found you on google when I was researching for blogs that could help me to improve my writing skills and help me on my English class I was taking last semester!
    I am from Brazil, but I have been living in IL for the past 4 years as both exange student and international student.
    I love kids and I was very impressed when I read about your kids poem! I’m sorry but I had to use a part of it on a paper I was writing about American children, and it was very interesting, at least it was for me (I got an A). Thank you for your advices. I am currently taking the second part of my English class this semester and I want to have more quotes from your interesting virtual work. Thanks a lot!
    Kamila 🙂

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