Spring Break — Survival Tips For Parents

Memorize this list of responses, and you’re sure to enjoy your trip that much more:

When The Kids Ask (WTKA): “Does this cactus hurt when you touch it?”

Response: “Yes.”

WTKA: “How about THIS cactus?”

Response: “Yes.”

WTKA: “Can I have a piece of chocolate with my breakfast?”

Response: “Yes.”

WTKA: “When I unwrap this chocolate, it hurts.  I think I got a splinter. Do you have any tweezers?”

Response: [Fight the urge to say, “How many times have I told you not to touch the cactus?”]  “Yes.”

WTKA: “Can I try driving the golf cart?”

Response [even if you’re terrified that your child is only thirteen and has never even practiced on a real car before and he tends to use his right foot for the gas and his left foot for the brake — that is, when he even attempts to apply the brake –]:  “Yes.”

WTKA: “Will you put sunscreen on me? I don’t like it when it makes my hands all greasy.”

Response [especially when the kid is a teenager who refuses to talk to you for twelve hours after you foolishly said “no” to the golf cart question]:  “Yes, I’d be happy to.”


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